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We are a family operated facility our focus is on colorful, quality, and naturally gaited horses for pleasure or for show 

We have beautiful hybrid horses

that combine the qualities of both of the parents and improve both and our most 

important goal is sane, safe, family oriented horses that you will be proud to own.

Schedule a visit so you can meet all our wonderful horses.

We also offer beginner lessons everything from tacking up your horse and saddle fit to teaching your horse to have a beautiful headset.

dont have a horse barrow one of ours!

Call for more info 979-492-2520

Get your horse's farrier care here and receive up to 30% off! Call our farrier for more information. 979-492-8989 Joey

Saturdays farrier day

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that's off our already reduced fees!

Internships Available!

Do you need a facility to complete your class internships available!

At one of the few gaited horse facilities in the area color genetics our specialty


FALL  2013

Apps Red eagle NER

TWHBEA registered colt

Owned by Pem Meyer.

Spring 2014

We have our first foal .

APPS celestial sky NER 

March 2013

We started the idea for a gaited horse registry inclusive" gaited registry eligible Pedigree tracking.

Color without compromise

Need a colt halterbroke?

Does you horse balk at getting in the trailer?

Your horse wont cross water?

We can help!

Come see our new barn

boarding available

Specialty colors



Welcome to the new Neo Equus Ranch